About Me

My name is Elyssa Faith Schultheiss. Iā€™m your guide to help you find and use your voice to bring change in the world. The beginning of this is moving away from a mindset of fear of what others think about you and moving into a mindset of empowerment. I have learned through experience that my voice is powerful and can be used for change. And guess what? Yours is too. There are world events, tragedies, celebrations, policies being enacted, people in power changing, and so much more occurring every second of every day. Active engagement is about getting off the sidelines and joining the conversation so that your unique voice brings change. 

Come and join me on this journey of living a life of engagement in society, politics, and culture! Signing up to be a part of this community is a great first step! When you sign up to be a part of my email list, you will receive an email at the end of every month walking you through a current event. It could be about domestic politics, global occurrences, natural disasters, or anything that needs more attention. My goal is to create a community of people willing to have an informed discussion whether or not our opinions align.

Join me on this journey as we become engaged participants in the larger world around us!