5 Ways to Be More Socially, Politically, Culturally Engaged

We live in a world full of heated dinner table conversations and never-ending Facebook rants. Why would we want to become more engaged in society, politics, and culture if this is what “discussions" seem to be? I get it! I’ve lived in the place of, “I don’t know, so don’t ask me.” I often feared how others would react if my opinions differed from their own, so I either stayed quiet or refused to inform myself.

I’ve heard pastors, teachers, family members, and friends worry that they will offend someone if they form and articulate an opinion. As a result, they choose to stay uninformed out of fear of what others will think.

However, I believe to the core of my being, that choosing a life of informed engagement is more vibrant and fulfilling than living disengaged and uninformed!

If you’ve wanted to dive deeper into the world around you, then this guide is for you. I set out on a journey to compile 5 ways to become a more engaged participant in society, politics, and culture. I totally understand that diving deeper into the greater world around you can feel intimidating and overwhelming. These 5 action steps help you live more informed and engaged with the world around you. It is my passion and desire that you feel more empowered to become an engaged participant in society!

5 Ways To Be More Socially, Politically, and Culturally Engaged

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I am so excited to embark on this journey of informed engagement together!

Elyssa Schultheiss